Micrometals - No Equivalent

Your power products deserve the performance you carefully designed into them.  For more than 60 years Micrometals has been the most trusted supplier of distributed gap powder cores in the world, with manufacturing locations in the US and Asia.

For many customers there is simply “no equivalent” – and they state that on their drawings to be sure the cores used in production deliver the same performance as they originally designed.  “Micrometals – No Equivalent”


We had several products where “alternative” cores were used, and looked just like the Micrometals cores.  But after numerous field failures and temperature issues we discovered our supplier had used substitute or counterfeit cores.  Going forward, all of our design drawings state:

Micrometals Only – No Equivalent.

                                                                                                                                         Gus K. – Global Industrial Power Products Manufacturer


Power Design experts around the world value our solutions and support everyday to tackle their inductor design challenges.   We deliver exceptional tools and products to help them succeed.   Take a look below at some of the reasons power design experts choose Micrometals


Inductor Design and Inductor Analyzer Tools

Micrometals Inductor Designer and Inductor Analyzer are powerful design tools that can accelerate development project.

Inductor Designer is a flexible, user-friendly engineering tool that uses your electrical requirements to calculate possible design solutions.  The Designer will preset inductor calculations for hundreds of possible core solutions, which can then be easily sorted and optimized based upon performance attributes, cost or size.

Inductor Analyzer can then be used to optimize a specific design from the Designer output, even compare up to three designs side-by-side!



THE Broadest Offering of Core Materials and Shapes

Micrometals formulates and processes their own powder materials to assure superior performance, consistency and quality.

Micrometals, they’re the industry standard. Others try to copy their colors, part numbers and performance but they simply do not match up

                                                                                                                                                Eric B.  MSEE – Custom Inductor OEM

Our NEWEST materials deliver leading edge performance for today's advanced power design applications including Electric Vehicle On-Board Chargers, Solar Power Inverters, Advanced RF and Audio applciation and many more.  This includes:

Optilloy OC - Optimized Core Loss for OBC Applications
SH High Fequency Sendust  - Specially designed for GaN and SiC applications
SM SenMax - Economical Low Loss, Low Magnetorestriction  Alloy


Need Something More Unique?

Micrometals can create virtually any shape and size core and also help guide you regarding manufacturability, costs and performance optimization.  We typically can provide a basic prototype in as little as two weeks and first runs off tooling in as little as 6 weeks.

Accelerate your project using our expertise in machining cores from catalog parts or material blanks to help proof-of-concept – a much lower cost and faster option than new tooling. Micrometals has extensive experience at creating prototype in all shapes and sizes.