Custom capabilities and prototypes in as little as 2 weeks

Our engineers can save you development time and money by helping you move quickly through feasibility, design and test phases and deliver prototypes quickly, which can then be moved into production. No other powder core supplier has the design, manufacturing and prototyping experience for custom cores – so start with Micrometals!

Micrometals expertise and experience in creating custom core shapes and material formulations is unmatched. We have helped thousands of engineers solve their most difficult power design challenges and delivered prototype and production units with uncompromising quality. With more than 65 years of experience we can quickly assess your design challenges and help optimize your design to meet budgetary and performance requirements.

Our catalog offering of Iron and Alloy powder core materials are the highest quality in the industry.  Many of our formulations are the “Gold Standard” and are specified explicitly on thousands of customer design drawings around the world to assure they meet desired performance requirements.  For customers who require reliable performance and quality they simply state on their designs “Micrometals Only – no equivalent”

Machined catalog cores
  • Reduce or remove dimensional features (grinding, turning, milling and polishing)
  • Combine/stack/nest cores

Machined core shapes
  • Catalog variants
  • New shapes
  • New Shape/Material combinations
  • Machined cores and mounting plates

Special Coatings
  • Harsh environment coatings
  • Ruggedized designs
  • Medical Grade coatings
  • Tighter tolerance on coating thickness
  • Special masking

Wound Components

We can work directly with your winding provider or connect you with one of our winding partners near you

Custom Material Formulation

Our decades of material formulation experience enables Micrometals to develop unique Iron and Alloy powders to address demanding applications where other materials fall short. We can develop new formulations to optimize magnetic attributes, compensate for electrical design issues such as noise or interference, or improve electrical efficiency.

Our experience in custom material formulations include solutions for some of the electrical challenges below:

  • Minimize power supply acoustic or electrical noise
  • Optimize efficiency for specific application conditions
  • Lowest core loss
  • High frequency
  • High power
  • Optimized cost/performance
  • Custom permeability
  • Custom formulation and sorting to deliver tighter tolerance magnetic properties


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